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Club Events Information

Events scheduled at our club and Rentals will be listed on the Club Events Calendar below.  

This way you can schedule to support these events to get your required work hours or what dates are open if you would like to rent out the club.

Bowhunter's Class at our Club

 The club will be holding a National Bowhunter Education Certification Class on June 23rd . This certification is required to hunt in some states outside of Ohio. Cost for the class will be $10 and pre-registration is required. For additional information or to register please call Todd Shafer @ 330-883- 4347. 

Clubs 3D Shoot for the Public

Sunday June 16th, 2019 

  Our third 3-D Tournament is scheduled for Sunday, June 16th . 

Our usual Saturday before Work Party is set for 8 am on April 20th. Members wanting to earn work hours are asked to be at the club for finalizing the course and setting up the clubhouse for the shoot. 

Sunday’s start time is set for 7 am due to the traditional 8 am registration time. Help will be needed for registrations, kitchen duties, day end clean-up, etc. 

More information contact Don Loree. Phone numbers are on the bottom of the newsletter.

Bowhunter Class Flyer to copy and print.

Bowhunter Class Poster 2019 (pdf)


Membership Work Hours

Work Hours

 There are many things that can be scheduled during the week to keep our club and Indoor Range looking nice.​  

Below is our Club Events Calendar to view of future events to plan on helping with the event or if the Club house is rented to let you know that the indoor range and Pavilion will be closed.

If you need projects to get your required yearly work hours due to your work schedule conflicting with our work parties, please Call Don Loree to find out what needs done at our club. Don's number is at the bottom of the newsletter.

Club Events Calendar

No upcoming events.

Support other Conservation Club Events

 Conservation League Inc. is a member of Trumbull County Federation of Sportsmen's Club.

Check out other club's activities associated with Trumbull Federation by clicking on the link below.

Bored or want to get your children to experience something different than searching their phone/ipod.

Visit Federation Web Site where you can view other Conservation Clubs activities such as  Shooting Sports Turkey, Cowboy, Muzzleloader, 22 cal Woods Walk Shoot and Steel Plate Shoot Challenge. 

How about Children activities like learning Archery, Fishing Derby, even Pheasant hunting. 

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